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  • LCD layer materials continue to innovate in order to improve the efficiency of LCD display

    LCD layer materials continue to innovate in order to improve the efficiency of LCD display

    Beijing time September 14 news, 8K liquid crystal material in place penetration increased by 15% efficiency more times. LCD panels are the mainstream in display applications of large and small sizes, and LCD layer materials continue to innovate in order to improve display efficiency. For the 8K ultra-high resolution application of TV display, material suppliers have also launched corresponding liquid crystal materials to meet this demand, which will increase the backlight penetration by as much as 15%.

    Xie Zhihong, chairman of Taiwan Merck Group, pointed out that 8K has higher penetration requirements for LCD materials. At present, the company has cooperated with panel manufacturers to develop special LCD materials for 8K TV monitors, and successfully increased penetration by another 15%.

    Xie Zhihong further explained that the general backlight after penetrating the liquid crystal layer, often only 10% brightness, so if the penetration of the liquid crystal layer can be improved, the number and power consumption of backlight LED can be reduced, and thus the cost can be reduced.

    On the other hand, Xie Zhihong pointed out that, unlike TV display applications, mobile devices have the need to view the screen from different angles, such as yaw, direct playback, etc. The requirement for wide viewing angle will be higher than that of TV. Therefore, the LCD layer materials of TV display and mobile device screens are also different. However, in the same way, penetration is also an important consideration for small-scale applications such as smartphones and tablets. In the future, LCD materials of large and small size display will be developed toward higher penetration.

    Xie Zhihong takes UB-FFS material and FFS used in small screen as an example to illustrate that FFS has low penetration, and now uses middle-level mobile phones as the main application market; UB-FFS has high penetration and good display effect, and is currently mostly used in high-level smartphones. However, although the cost of UB-FFS is relatively high for liquid crystal materials alone, UB-FFS can actually enhance the competitiveness of BOM Cost as a whole because better penetration can reduce the consumption and cost of other components such as backlight LED.

    Xie Zhihong believes that although the future display technology will continue to develop towards microLED and OLED displays, due to the stable production capacity and low cost of TFT LCD, TFT LCD will continue to be the mainstream technology in the next five years. Merck will continue to promote new applications of materials in response to future trends such as 5G, driverless, smart buildings, etc. with curiosity and experience in material research and development. In the future, Merck will continue to develop new generation liquid crystal materials to achieve high-color saturated narrow-frame high-quality displays to present excellent visual experience.

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